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优质团队 为您提供钻石品质产品

Vibration damper matching skills

One, check whether the product provides 2-3 inch elevated requirements, some products only provide 2 inches, barely used to 3 inches after the rise is easy to pull the limit in off-road damage.

Two, whether the diameter of the central telescopic rod of the shock absorber can reach 16 mm or more, this is a basic index of the strength..

Third, shock absorber connecting sleeve is high strength polyurethane set. It is also the ability to guarantee a important basis for using high strength for a long time, because of the ordinary rubber is very difficult in the high intensity and long time use.

The shock absorber is mainly used to restrain the shock when the spring is absorbed by the earthquake and the shock from the pavement.. In the uneven pavement, although the suction spring can filter the vibration of the pavement, but the spring itself will have a reciprocating movement, and the shock absorber is used to suppress the spring jump. The shock absorber is too soft, the body will jump up and down, the shock absorber is too hard will bring too much resistance, impede the normal work of the spring. Xiao Hui Shi said that on the suspension system of the conversion process, the hard shock absorber to with hard spring matched, and weight is closely related to the hardness of the spring, so heavier vehicles generally use a hard shock absorber. In the modification, we need to keep trying to design the best shock absorber and the spring combination scheme.. Professional modified shop can generally for the owners to find the best mix.